Nextcloud take 2

Posted on Fri 04 November 2022 in System • Tagged with Nextcloud

After some months (and tanks to some random people on Internet), I decided to give Nextcloud another chance... Well, not really.

Back in February, I got sick of the problems I had upgrading Nextcloud which nearly destroyed my server. A server that as also some public sites I am running …

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Goodbye Atom

Posted on Fri 04 November 2022 in System • Tagged with Atom

And so Atom was retired from its authors. It was a nice editor. Hope it will not missed too much

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Small update to myutils

Posted on Sun 13 March 2022 in Programming • Tagged with myutils

A small upgrade to the myutils collection. Just updated the "blog_resize_images" to accept both a list of files that a directory as input. Can be usefull to quick convert just an image in a directory with more not related files.

Also added a version to it, 0.2 as for …

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Leaving Nextcloud

Posted on Tue 01 February 2022 in System, Rant

After many years of use, I finally say the last goodbye to Nextcloud, the self hosted solution I used to sync my calendar, files and little more.

I was using Nextcloud from before the fork from Owncloud, so I can say it was a long ride, but in the end …

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Porting to Qt6

Posted on Thu 30 December 2021 in Programming

So I finally started (about time) porting my Qt projects to Qt6. The first one is NoManSky Mod Mannager which is a simple mod manager for the No Man's Sky game. It all started because a friend asked a couple of new features, so I take the occasion to update …

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Post to Discord from Wordpress

Posted on Sun 07 March 2021 in Programming

The bulbcalculator project has now a Discord server, hoping it would be used sometimes in the future. Anyway, just to play around, I wanted to be able to post on a channel of the Discord server when posting something on the project site, basically announces.

It turned out that the …

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Merging git repositories

Posted on Tue 02 February 2021 in Programming

For a project, I decided that can be a good idea to merge a couple of repositories to have a single point where to put all the code, issues, wiki and so on.

I later abandoned the idea, since it not came out as good as I was thinking, but …

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Making the MiniBookDB database public take 2

Posted on Wed 20 January 2021 in Programming

In the quest to make the MiniBookDb database readable from outside my home network, I tried to use a microservice in Pythn/Flask.
While the approach work, I had the problem that the same site name is resolved with different IP depending on where I am: on my private network …

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Server migration

Posted on Mon 18 January 2021 in News

So, after many years, I left Linode to move to an European VPS provider, Transip.

Why ? Well, first thing is the price. For a little less, I got something more in term of disk space (both are ssd, but the new VPS as almost double disk space than the old …

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Multiple IP addesses on Archlinux

Posted on Wed 13 January 2021 in System • Tagged with Archlinux

That's another post that is here more to be a reminder to me that to be really usefull or add important informations.

Since I am migrating to a new VPS and I'd like to keep my personal stuff separated from the other sites I hosted on my server, I decide …

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