Small update to myutils

Posted on Sun 13 March 2022 in Programming • Tagged with myutils

A small upgrade to the myutils collection. Just updated the "blog_resize_images" to accept both a list of files that a directory as input. Can be usefull to quick convert just an image in a directory with more not related files.

Also added a version to it, 0.2 as for …

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Porting to Qt6

Posted on Thu 30 December 2021 in Programming

So I finally started (about time) porting my Qt projects to Qt6. The first one is NoManSky Mod Mannager which is a simple mod manager for the No Man's Sky game. It all started because a friend asked a couple of new features, so I take the occasion to update …

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Post to Discord from Wordpress

Posted on Sun 07 March 2021 in Programming

The bulbcalculator project has now a Discord server, hoping it would be used sometimes in the future. Anyway, just to play around, I wanted to be able to post on a channel of the Discord server when posting something on the project site, basically announces.

It turned out that the …

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Merging git repositories

Posted on Tue 02 February 2021 in Programming

For a project, I decided that can be a good idea to merge a couple of repositories to have a single point where to put all the code, issues, wiki and so on.

I later abandoned the idea, since it not came out as good as I was thinking, but …

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Making the MiniBookDB database public take 2

Posted on Wed 20 January 2021 in Programming

In the quest to make the MiniBookDb database readable from outside my home network, I tried to use a microservice in Pythn/Flask.
While the approach work, I had the problem that the same site name is resolved with different IP depending on where I am: on my private network …

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Resizing images

Posted on Sun 12 April 2020 in Programming • Tagged with Utility

For the my other blog about models and hobby, I frequently need to resize a batch of images. Using ImageMagik is possible, but after a couple images it become boring and time consuming.

So, being stuck at home, I came up with a small python script which use the Python …

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BulbCalculator 3.1.0

Posted on Mon 23 March 2020 in Programming • Tagged with BulbCalculator

A new release of BulbCalculator is out.
The 3.1.0 is a minor release with a very short changelog * Fixed the STL Ascii export * Removed the STL Binary export, at least for now.

The first is a bugfix to the STL export which render the exported file basically unusable …

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Building BulbCalculator windows setup

Posted on Sat 22 February 2020 in Programming • Tagged with BulbCalculator

Well, after too much time, I decided to make a binary release for windows of BulbCalculator and prepare two setups, one for 64 bit and one for 32 bit (if someone still use it).

After trying to use the Qt Installation framework, failing to build a working setup, I switched …

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Porting from PyQt5 to PySide2, take two

Posted on Fri 10 January 2020 in Programming • Tagged with Python, PyQt5, PySide2

Of course, porting from PyQt5 to PySide2 any not trivial codebase like Punteggi require some more work than what I needed to port Vtf.
The big problem, since this port was done under Archlinux, was to install PySide2. The package that come with the distro are missing the pyside2-uic and …

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Porting from PyQt5 to PySide2

Posted on Tue 07 January 2020 in Programming • Tagged with Python, PyQt5, PySide2

After some years, I finally decide to port some (if not all, given time) my Python project from PyQt4 to PySide2.

The reason is that now PySide2 is the official port while some years ago PyQt was a better choice.

The first, just because is much more simple than the …

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