Nextcloud take 2

Posted on Fri 04 November 2022 in System • Tagged with Nextcloud

After some months (and tanks to some random people on Internet), I decided to give Nextcloud another chance... Well, not really.

Back in February, I got sick of the problems I had upgrading Nextcloud which nearly destroyed my server. A server that as also some public sites I am running …

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Goodbye Atom

Posted on Fri 04 November 2022 in System • Tagged with Atom

And so Atom was retired from its authors. It was a nice editor. Hope it will not missed too much

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Multiple IP addesses on Archlinux

Posted on Wed 13 January 2021 in System • Tagged with Archlinux

That's another post that is here more to be a reminder to me that to be really usefull or add important informations.

Since I am migrating to a new VPS and I'd like to keep my personal stuff separated from the other sites I hosted on my server, I decide …

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ldconfig and custom directories

Posted on Sat 20 June 2020 in System • Tagged with System, ldconfig

This is more a reminder to myself than a new discovery.

To add a new directory where put the .so libraries and be able to use them, just add a new file with the path(s) in the /etc/ directory and run ldconfig

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Deploy Pelican blog with git on Linode

Posted on Sat 28 December 2019 in System • Tagged with Git, Pelican

Ok, now I have a new blog with Pelican on my pc, but how I can deploy it to my remote server on Linode ?

Aside from the two ways already usable from the Makefile you have by default (ssh and rsync), it is possible to deploy also with Git.

Disclaimer …

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