Porting to Qt6
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So I finally started (about time) porting my Qt projects to Qt6. The first one is NoManSky Mod Mannager which is a simple mod manager for the No Man's Sky game. It all started because a friend asked a couple of new features, so I take the occasion to update the Qt installation to the newest LTS (6.2.2) and tried to recompile it. Since the program was simple I had no problem here.

The next project I ported is bulbcalculator, and here I got a lot of work to do. So I created a new branch (Qt6) and started working on it. The two biggest problems were with the OpenGL Widget and with the printer (something changed here) but in the end I was able to compile it and have it working. It will live on this branch for some time until I completed the tests (printing is the most important one)

The next projects to port will be a Python one, but for now I am focused on the two above.

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