Server migration
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So, after many years, I left Linode to move to an European VPS provider, Transip.

Why ? Well, first thing is the price. For a little less, I got something more in term of disk space (both are ssd, but the new VPS as almost double disk space than the old one) and not counting the backup and snapshot already in the price and a 25% increase in the transfer cap.

Plus is an European provider even if it is true that the old Linode VPS was in an European datacenter (Germany).

Bonus, I also bought a second IP address, to separate my personal data from the site I host.

To match the new server configuration, I should have migrated to a bigger VPS on Linode, which double the price which is a no go.

Additionally, I also was able to use a special offer, so for the first months the price is even lower, and with what I am saving from the VPS I can pay for an account on ProtonMail, which is nice.

The biggest problem, since the server hosts also a bunch of sites, was the DNS update and the migration of this domain, which used the Linode's DNS and now the registar's ones.

The installation was simple, I just have to follow the docs provided by TransIp, which guide you step by step on what to do to install one of the available Linux distro and the migration of the sites and service was smooth, having both VPS running simplified a lot of things, principally the service configuration, even if I decided to start from scratch and not just copy the old configuration files.

All in all I am satisfied with the new server and I am also saving some bucks :-D

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